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Mission Statement

The NCI Bioinformatics Community (NCI BC) was established through a partnership between the Center for Cancer Research (CCR), the Division of Cancer Epidemiology & Genetics (DCEG), and the Center for Biomedical Informatics & Information Technology (CBIIT) to foster stronger connections among members of the bioinformatics community. These bonds are essential for enabling collaboration and sharing of knowledge amongst colleagues with similar interests. NCI BC also seeks to establish robust training and professional development programs to enhance the skillset of community members, ensuring that they remain well-informed about the latest emerging technologies and methodologies in the ever-evolving field of bioinformatics.

The NCI BC serves as home for the organic formation of groups of individuals sharing similar interest and desire to learn new topics, network with like-minded staff, troubleshoot new methods or algorithms, or identify mentorship relationships. These interactions are pivotal for mutual learning and growth within our community. This collaborative approach not only benefits individual members, but also contributes to the advancement of the broader bioinformatics community as a whole.

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