DNAnexus Account Instructions

CCR has established a pilot program to test out the utility of the DNAnexus Cloud computing platform to the CCR research community.

To participate in this program you should fill out the Application Form found here

When filling out the form keep in mind these instructions:

  1. Before filling out the form you should first request a free DNAnexus account (here). You will need this ID when filling out the application (This will later be linked to the CCR billing account.)
  2. Fill in your user info and PI info (Used for accounting and accoiuntability  purposes)
  3. Indicate your expected level of usage. This will often be difficult to estimate, but at this time all we are looking for is an estimate, which will be used to best allocate resources.  This can be changed at a later date.
  4. If you plan on using this site to analyze PII/PHI data please check the appropriate box
  5. The question about sharing data is purely informational it the hope of see if CCR users see this as a valuable feature
  6. In the justification area please provide a paragraph or two about what you expect to use the platform for, and how it will further your knowledge or research. The amount of detail given should reflect the dollar amount you indicate for expected use.  Small expenditures require less justification than large dollar amounts.
  7. If you have a Slack ID please provide it in the area provided. (We will be using the Slack channel to facilitate communications and to help build a community around this resource.)
  8. Finally note that this form can be edited at a later date, should your usage change, or your justification need updating.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Peter Fitzgerald (fitzgepe@mail.nih.gov).