The following lists contain links to resources that be believe to be useful to NIH/NCI researchers in  the application of computational techniques to the analysis of data.


One of the best resource for information on Single Cell analysis is the Awesome list  maintained by Sean Davis found here:


List of software packages (and the people developing these methods) for microbiome (16S), metagenomics (WGS, Shot-gun sequencing), and pathogen identification/detection/characterization


A curated list of software and resources for exploring and visualizing (browsing) expression data, but not only limited to that. Credits for the backbone of the structure go to Sean Davis and his awesome-single-cell repository.


Database for Single Exon Coding Sequences in Mammalian Genomes

Duplicated Genes Database (DGD)

The aim of this database is to provide a list of groups of co-located and duplicated genes. These genes could be either tandem repeated genes or groups of genes of multigene families. Several species are available in this database (and more could be added, see contact form).

ChIP-Seq Online Tools

The ChIP-Seq Web Server provides access to a set of useful tools performing common ChIP-Seq data analysis tasks, including positional correlation analysis, peak detection, and genome partitioning into signal-rich and signal-poor regions.