Usage Reports from NextSeq Processing

Sequencing Core staff interact with the data via a user-friendly, web-based set of tools — This interface allows them to monitor specific job progress, review metadata in a number or predefined “views, generate data access URLs for current and past samples.  Additionally, the central storage of the metadata from multiple runs allows the generation of analytics about the machine and sample performance over time, and usage reports with respect to users and or organizational entities.

Real-time Progress Bar is updated periodically for a job to show completion of each of the workflow stages. 

Example Sample Metadata View held in MySQL database. Information about all runs include sample description, project info, QC and date of completion.

View focuses on core facility usage. Information about PI, Lab and project info.

View allows for adding project leader name, PI and laboratory information.

Cluster Time-series of Run History— Density, Passing Filter & Yield.

Visualize system usage by individual user, PI or Lab/Branch in either a tabular or graphical view