Generate BioJupies Notebook

Generate BioJupies Notebook is a DNAnexus applet that generates a BioJupies Notebook. Given an expression table file and a sample metadata file, generate_biojupies_notebook BioJupies generates a Jupyter-style Notebook complete with embedded graphics. In BioJupies own word:

With BioJupies you can produce in seconds a customized, reusable, and interactive report from your own raw or processed RNA-seq data through a simple user interface.

Required Input Files

A Set of quant.sf Files – Select a set of files with naming convention sample_name_quant.sf. Where, you substitute sample_name with a unique sample name containing alpha-numeric characters and no spaces. You can obtain quant.sf files:

  1. Expression Counts Table
  2. Sample metadata file

Output Files

  • Expression HTML File


For NCI Members

Developed by GAU