Collaborative Support

The CCBR provides a single point of contact for obtaining bioinformatics assistance in designing, analyzing and interpreting high throughput biological experiments. Assistance provided through CCBR is a collaborative one and available to all CCR investigators and scientists, with no associated fees. The process starts with the online submission of a Project Request (see the Project Request Submission Form). On this form, the requestor should describe the type of assistance being sought and will be contacted for further details. Once the nature of the project has been clearly defined it will be assigned to a lead analyst to follow up.

For the most part, projects are handled on a “First-come, first-serve basis,” but exceptions can be made when special circumstances prevail. Additionally, any PI can expect to have no more than a single project actively worked on at any given time. So those submitting multiple requests should consider what priority they would like to assign to each project. General guidelines for project prioritization are here: Request Prioritization Guidelines

Assistance obtained via the CCBR should be viewed as collaborative in nature, with appropriate co-authorship or acknowledgment, depending on the nature of work involved.

The types of projects suitable for submission to the CCBR include analysis of following of types of data:

  • Microarray
  • ChIP-Seq
  • RNA-Seq
  • Exome Sequencing
  • Pathway Analysis
  • Data Mining

Finally, CCR scientists who are interested in receiving advice on the best technologies and strategies for upcoming experiments can similarly use the CCBR Project Request Submission Form to request assistance.