Project & Sample Metadata Templates


Please click on this link to initiate a download of our template to capture project-level and sample-level metadata: “experiment_metadata.xlsx”. To associate your metadata to the related CCBR project request, you can name it: experiment_metadata_ccbr-nnnn.xlsx ).

Here is a description of each main tab in the spreadsheet:

  • Data Dictionary: This sheet contains a description of each attribute along with its valid formats (when applicable), its corresponding dme_name, and an example value. You can use this tab to get more information about a specific field.
  • Project Template: This is the sheet that a user or requestor fills out to capture Project-level metadata. Please note that required fields are colored blue, and optional fields are colored black.  There is a complementary “Example Project” sheet you can follow as a guide– similar to GEO uploads.
  • Sample Template: This is the sheet that a user or requestor fills out to capture Sample-level metadata. As mentioned above, required fields are colored blue, and optional fields are colored black. Again, there is a complementary “Example Sample” sheet you can cross-reference when filling out sample metadata. Since you have RNA-seq data, please fill out the “Groups” field to assign a label for differential expression analysis.

If you have any questions or if you need any assistance filling out the form, please reach out to Vishal Koparde (


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