Bioinformatics Training and Education Program


Welcome to our new and improved BTEP Web Site. There have been major changes to the organization and presentation of our content in the hope of making things easier to find. All the content you are familiar with should still be here, but possibly in a different location. Additionally, the calendar has received a major update and we hope you find it more functional. If you can’t find something or have comments on the new layout drop us an email at


Under the News section you can find announcements about about the upcoming events and training sessions on specific platforms, especially CCR licensed software.


The BTEP Bioinformatics Bulletin features select upcoming bioinformatics events offered across NIH and is distributed monthly via email to the Center for Cancer Research community. The bulletin also includes monthly BTEP announcements and a topic spotlight, which links to mini-tutorials or topical information related to different aspects of bioinformatics, including recent advances in the field.