Bioinformatics Training and Education Program


General questions or comments about the BTEP program or classes should be addressed to:

Peter Fitzgerald, Ph.D.

Head Genome Analysis Unit

Accomplished Bioinformaticist and Computer Specialist with more than 30 years experience supporting and collaborating with NIH scientists. Highly qualified in the analysis of Next Generation Sequence data, development of novel analytical software including web-based applications, and the management of High Performance computer architectures. Extensive experience in educating and training small (10s) to large (100s) groups of researchers in the appropriate application of computational tools and techniques. Has developed and delivered many seminars, classes and workshops. Numerous collaborative

Desiree Tillo, Ph.D.

Staff Scientist

I have a broad research background in bioinformatics and genomics.  My specific research training has involved computational approaches to understand gene regulation, chromatin structure, protein-DNA interactions, epigenetics, and genome evolution.  Currently, I am a Staff Scientist at the Center for Cancer Research Genomics Core at the National Cancer Institute.  In this role, I am responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the data delivery and archiving pipelines for the Core’s Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) instruments, and providing bioinformatics support to CCR researchers, ranging from experimental design consultations to downstream analyses of NGS data. 

Carl McIntosh, M.Sc.

Bioinformatics Analyst and Engineer

Bioinformatician with strong background in biological data analysis, software engineering and molecular biology techniques at the wet bench. Since 2005, my work has focused on software and workflow development using high-performance computing clusters, computer architecture and advanced programming techniques for data analysis, data management, quality control and visualization of biological data.

Amy Stonelake, Ph.D.

BTEP Program Manager and Bioinformatics Analyst

I am an experienced molecular biology and bioinformatics researcher and educator who has worked with students at all levels of experience, from first-year college to advanced trainees and senior investigators. Here at NCI, I help to train scientists on bioinformatics tools for the analysis of next-generation sequencing (NGS) data in cancer. This includes RNA-Seq technologies, single cell, variant analysis, gene ontology and pathways.

Alex Emmons, Ph.D.

BTEP Program Trainer

I am a formally trained biological and molecular anthropologist, with past research interests in diverse topics related to microbial ecology, degraded DNA, taphonomy, and skeletal biology. Throughout my research career in academia, I developed a passion for data science, bioinformatics, and teaching. Here at NCI, I train researchers to analyze their own high throughput data using a variety of bioinformatics tools, skills, platforms, and languages.

Joe Wu, Ph.D.

BTEP Program Trainer

I am one of the trainers with BTEP and enjoy helping others acquire bioinformatics and data science skills. I can answer your questions related to R, Python, Unix, or commercial bioinformatics software.