Bioinformatics Training and Education Program

Class Documents

Most BTEP courses include detailed course materials including lesson content, additional resources, and lesson associated data. These course materials are listed here so that learners can easily return to and review concepts taught in class and/or reproduce code. These materials are also meant to serve as stand alone tutorials for those unable to attend a given course.

Note: not all classes include detailed course material. Other course materials including presentation slides and handouts can also be found here.

Programming Languages

Data Analysis

CCR Bioinformatics Resources

  • BTEP – Bioinformatics Resources for CCR Scientists
    • These pages list and describe the main resources available to CCR scientists for carrying out bioinformatic analysis on their data.
      • These resources include:
        1. Places to obtain training and assistance – BTEP Resources
        2. Information about data delivered by the NCI sequencing facilities
        3. High performance compute facilites – Biowulf/Helix
        4. Using Globus to transfer large files
        5. Commercial Software licensed by NCI for use by CCR scientists
        6. Open source resources developed by the scientific community
        7. Info about network storage facilities