Bioinformatics Training and Education Program

Data Wrangling in R: Part 2

Data Wrangling in R: Part 2

 When: Jun. 16th, 2023 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Learning Level: Any

This class has ended.
To Know
  • Where: Online Webinar
  • Organized By: NIH Library
  • Presented By: Candace Norton (NIH Library)

About this Class

Data Wrangling is another class in the NIH Library Introduction to R and RStudio Series. A basic understanding of using R and RStudio to manage data is expected. This one-hour class will build on the introduction provided in Data Wrangling Part 1 to further explore the R tidyverse package and how to use it to manipulate, analyze and export data. This class will explore options for using the tidyverse functions group_by, summarize, count, arrange, pivot_wider, pivot_longer, and export. Learning these functions will enable users to have well formatted data frames for future clean and consistent analysis and visualizations.