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NIH Research Festival: Generalist Repository Ecosystem Initiative (GREI)

NIH Research Festival: Generalist Repository Ecosystem Initiative (GREI)

 When: Sep. 19th, 2023 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Learning Level: Any

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This workshop is part of the 2023 NIH Research Festival schedule.

Data Sharing in Generalist Repositories 
Generalist repositories offer NIH researchers a flexible, trusted resource to share data for which there is no appropriate discipline specific repository as well as to share many other research outputs valuable for reproducibility and open science. 
This mini-workshop, presented by participants of the NIH Generalist Repository Ecosystem Initiative (GREI) (Dataverse, Dryad, Figshare, Mendeley Data, Open Science Framework, Vivli, and Zenodo) will share generalist repository use cases and best practices for sharing and finding data in generalist repositories. It will describe how generalist repositories fit into the NIH data repository landscape for intramural researchers and can be part of meeting the new NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy requirements. It will present both the key common features of generalist repositories that meet the NIH desirable repository characteristics as well as the unique features of these repositories that make them suited to specific types of data. 
Through interactive training exercises, the mini-workshop will provide guidance on how to share data and other outputs in generalist repositories, using high quality metadata, persistent identifiers, and detailed descriptions to ensure that research outputs are discoverable and reusable.