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Partek Flow Integration of single cell RNA sequencing and single cell ATAC sequencing data

Partek Flow Integration of single cell RNA sequencing and single cell ATAC sequencing data

 When: Oct. 25th, 2023 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Learning Level: Beginner

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Online Webinar
Presented By:
Joe Wu (BTEP), Xiaowen Wang (Partek)
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About this Class

Partek Flow is your start-to-finish solution for analyzing high dimensional multi-omics sequencing data. It is a point-and-click software and is suitable for those who wish to avoid the steep learning curve associated with analyzing sequencing data through command line and/or code. At NIH, Partek Flow is hosted on the Biowulf high performance computing cluster (HPC). Researchers interact with the software through a web browser using a URL supplied by Biowulf once a Biowulf and Partek Flow account has been set up. This setup allows users to take advantage of the compute power offered by HPC while using a graphical user interface to construct a sequencing data analysis workflow. Partek Flow enables the creation of publication quality visualizations.

This online class is not hands-on. Biowulf and Partek Flow accounts are not required to attend. Participants will be presented with instructions for obtaining access to Partek Flow at the beginning of class.

This training session will address RNA and ATAC sequencing analysis on the single cell level using Partek Flow. Participants will learn how to integrate these two assays to gain insights to the epigenetic regulation of gene expression at the single cell level. Topics covered include:

  • Import single cell ATAC sequencing Cellranger output
  • QA/QC
  • Visualization
  • Compare peak regions
  • Motif detection
  • Integration with single cell RNA-seq data


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