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Partek Webinar: RNA-Seq Data Analysis in Partek Flow

Partek Webinar: RNA-Seq Data Analysis in Partek Flow

 When: Mar. 30th, 2023 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Difficulty: All

This class has ended.
To Know
  • Where: Online Webinar
  • Organized By: CBIIT

About this Class

Partek Flow provides a singular web based point and click environment for analyzing and visualizing high dimensional multi-omics sequencing data, making bioinformatics easily accessible to all researchers. Partek Flow software is available to NCI researchers. Join us for this online webinar session, where the Partek Scientist will show you how to perform start to finish analysis on RNA-Seq data with the point-and-click user interface in Partek Flow.

RNA-Seq example data will be used to illustrate the analysis steps from fastq files to biological interpretation.

· Data QA/QC
· Alignment
· Quantification and filtering
· Normalization
· Differential expression detection
· Biological interpretation
· Visualization (PCA, dotplot, volcano plot, hierarchical clustering etc.)