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Single Cell Technologies in Cancer: Half-Day Workshop

Single Cell Technologies in Cancer: Half-Day Workshop

 When: Mar. 23rd, 2023 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Learning Level: Any

This class has ended.
To Know
  • Where: Online Webinar
  • Organized By: BTEP
  • Presented By: Abdalla Abdelmaksoud (CCBR), Kimia Dadkhah (SCAF), Mike Kelly (SCAF), Stefan Cordes (NHLBI)

About this Class

This afternoon workshop will give attendees an understanding of how single cell technologies are used to study cancer.

To start us off, Mike Kelly, head of the Single Cell Analysis Facility (SCAF), will give an overview of the current and emerging high-value single cell sequencing and closely associated spatial transcriptional profiling methods along with some example applications in cancer research. He will discuss some of the strengths and limitations of these existing technologies, and preview some of the most promising upcoming assays that may be of interest to the community.

Following this we will have Kimia Dadkhah, bioinformatics analyst (SCAF), who will talk about the essential quality control metrics in single cell data analysis and important factors to keep in mind in interpretation of the data.

Next up is Abdalla Abdelmaksound (CCBR), [Data Integration: batch correction and different data types], and Stefan Cordes (NHLBI) – who will review trajectory inference – with and without the incorporation of RNA velocity – as a tool to reconstruct cell state dynamics from single cell genomics data.  He will show that the inclusion of single cell lineage-tracing indices to follow heritable barcodes can improve reconstruction.