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Using EnhancedVolcano and ComplexHeatmap to visualize -omics data

Coding Club Seminar Series

Using EnhancedVolcano and ComplexHeatmap to visualize -omics data

 When: Aug. 16th, 2023 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Joe Wu (BTEP)
Online Webinar
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About this Class

Heatmaps and volcano plots are common data visualizations in bioinformatic analyses of genomic data, such as bulk RNA-seq. While both plot types can be used to visualize gene expression, heatmaps can be used to examine expression data across samples, and in combination with clustering techniques, reveal potential patterns in the data. Volcano plots demonstrate the direction, distribution, and statistical significance of gene expression between experimental conditions (example tumor vs. non-tumor, or drug treated vs. non-treated). In this coding club, we will demonstrate how to construct these plots using the R/Bioconductor tools ComplexHeatmap and EnhancedVolcano.