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Can we have a brief introduction of types of data in Bioinformatics?

I realize Bioinformatics can be applied in different areas with various types of data, such as omics data, RNA-Seq data, next-generation seq data, etc. Can you discuss what's the difference of these data? What are some common steps to analyze them? It would be helpful if you can give us some examples that we may be able to apply in research after the course. Thank you!


1 Answer:

Hi Lydia, Welcome to the Bioinformatics for Beginners Course - we are happy to have you here! Yes - we will be covering various types of data and how to work with them in this course. We can help you understand 'omics, RNA-Seq and next gen seq data in class.  I'll be sure to cover this. Thanks!

Answered on April 1st, 2021 by