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Will we cover R/Python for bioinformatics in this course?

Hello! I am Deondre Jordan. I am working for Jay S. Schneekloth in a chemical biology labratory, focused on developing small molecules to bind RNA targets in cancer. I am excited to learn bioinformatics as I have very little experience in this realm of data science.


1 Answer:

Hi Deondre, Welcome to the Bioinformatics for Beginners Class - we are happy to have you! There's so much to learn in bioinformatics and data science. This will be a good introduction for you and a way to see how much more you can do with your data. We aren't planning on covering R or Python, but I can point you to some resources for learning those if you are interested. We may offer these classes in the future as well. 

Answered on April 1st, 2021 by