Bioinformatics Training and Education Program

Bioinformatics for Beginners 2021

Bioinformatics for Beginners, Post-Bac Edition

This is the first course in a series of three, designed to answer the question:

“I’ve just got my sequence data back from the sequencing center, how do I understand/analyze/work with it?”

Course One: Why learn Bioinformatics? And Beginner Unix.

Who should take this course:

  • Learners who want to work with Next Gen Sequence data
  • Pre-requisites: None, this class is for beginner level bioinformatics learners

Learning Objectives

In the class learners will be able to:

  1. Understand why every bench scientist should learn some bioinformatics
  2. Log into and utilize the GOLD learning environment for class content and lessons
  3. Work with Unix files and directories to manage Next Gen Sequencing data and associated files
  4. Understand data formats (FASTA, FASTQ) and learn how to work with them at the Unix command line

All classes will be held on WebEx in Amy Stonelake’s Personal Room:

This class will be held at 3 -4 PM on these days.

  • Tuesday, 3/30, Recording not yet available
  • Thursday, 4/1, Recording not yet available
  • Tuesday, 4/6, Recording not yet available
  • Thursday, 4/8, Recording not yet available

For more information about all three courses being offered, please see

Courses Two and Three will be offered in May and June. You will be invited by email to sign up for these.

To participate in this class you will need a computer, reliable internet connection and a web browser.