Bioinformatics Training and Education Program

NIH Bioinformatics Calendar Help

The Calendar comes in three variations:

  1. The listing of upcoming events (shown on the BTEP home page.)
  2. A monthly view of the calendar diplayed in a traditional grid view.
  3. A complete listing of all events past, present and future.

There are several controls, as well as a search and sort function, to assist you in navigating the calendar.

Additionally, each calendar presents the options to add any or all events to your local calendar (ICS file). By default this action will add the event(s) to your “default” calendar (See below on how to specify this on a Mac). Note the downloaded file can also be manually added to any calendar type.

Warning: If you download the ICS file and add it to your calendar more than once, then it will add the events more than once (i.e. it is not smart enough to identify duplicate entries). On the Mac at least you will be prompted to set up a specific calendar to be populated but the ICS file. Doing this is recommended since it makes managing duplicates easier… delete the calendar and add all new data.

Setting the default Calendar on a Mac – (This is most likely currently set to Apple’s Calendar app)

  1. Open the Calendar Application
  2. Open the Preferences pane from under the Calendar menu bar item
  3. Select the first item in the Calendar pane “Default calendar app” and select your preferred calendar application (Apple Calendar/Outlook etc)
  4. Close the preferences pane and the Calendar app

Calendar Controls

The calendar has several control to assist you in location the most appropriate information.

  1. Use the  “JUMP MONTHS” option to allow quick access to specific months
  2. The Search function allows you to search the calendar by key words or phrases
  3. Results can be filtered based on Topic, Format,Organizer or Time (past/future/all)
  4. You can sort the information based on Date, Title, Post Date