Bioinformatics Training and Education Program

TOTM – October 2017: Introducing a Bioinformatics Calendar for NIH

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Want to keep track of the various bioinformatics training opportunities available to the NIH intramural community?  Well, now there is a site that will make your life much easier. The BTEP organizers have reached out to other groups around the NIH offering training and have developed the NIH Bioinformatics Calendar.

This community-based calendar is a single site that provides a “bird’s eye view of all the many classes, workshops, and seminars (related to the broad topic of bioinformatics) being delivered around the NIH campus.

How does it work?

Various groups (as of this writing this includes: BTEP (NCI), CBIIT (NCI), NLM, and the NIH Library post brief summaries of their classes, with hyperlinks to more detailed information and registration, on a common centrally maintained calendar. In this way each group can directly maintain and update their own information in an efficient and timely manner.

Calendar Views

The Calendar offers many different “views” (see image below) of the same information allowing you to choose the view that best suites your needs.  In all views the events are color coded by the organization offering the event.  

Clicking on the appropriate button brings up that view.



Additionally, the calendar can be filtered by entering a specific date in the box provided or by selecting the “Options” button on the far left.  This brings up a dialogue box in which one can both select a specific view and also limit the display to classes offered by a specific organization.


Perhaps the most useful view is that provided by the “matrix option”.

This view shows several months of classes at a single time, and the classes are grouped by sponsoring organization. Thus one can quickly glance through the upcoming classes for ones that might appeal to you, and fit into your schedule.

Calendar Search


The calendar also offers a handy search option, with useful filters to allow you to quickly locate offerings of potential interest.

We hope you find the calendar helpful in minimizing the effort needed to locate and sign up for the type of bioinformatic training you are looking for.

If you have any issues or suggestions feel free to contact us at:


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